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We have the right technologies, methods, and staff to provide accurate traffic analysis, data collection, and data entry.

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  • Machine Counts & Personal Counts
  • Bi-directional Volume Counts
  • Bi-directional Speed and/or Classification Counts
  • Leg Approach Counts
  • Parking Accumulation
  • Parking Space Occupancy
  • Parking Space Turnover By Tag ID
  • Queuing Studies
  • Trip Generation
  • Origin & Destination
  • Data Entry
  • Deposition or Testimony
Turning Movement count

Turning movement counts include a diagram of lane geometry.
Staff are tested regularly on counting ability. They must be able to capture all volume, multiple movements at one time and not miss rights on red.
Mike gets the view he needs to observe a congested intersection

We maintain a large inventory of road tube, Peek ADR1000s, and Pico Count4500s. Road tubes and counters are maintained and tested regularly to insure good count results.

Road tubes and counters